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Ikoo – your perfect hair care

My dear, this post is all about hair!

Who does not want to have beautiful, healthy, full and shiny, supple hair … that’s what everyone wants. I’ve tried a lot since I think of it, both expensive and drugstore products, the most diverse manufacturers, brands, trend, not trend, nature product, from the pharmacy and and and … no product has brought me the effect yet which I had hoped for.

Recently I received the products from ikoo. I was really happy, because I knew and already used the Thermal Treatment Wraps from ikoo from the drugstore and have been using them every day since then.

I got the Color Protect and Repair series along with a beautiful Monogram basket bag matching the summer. Included in the package

I started testing the products and was immediately taken with the shampoo. You only need very little product, it foams great, spreads well and feels incredibly gentle. My hair was very soft even without the conditioner immediately after rinsing and felt very well-groomed. Also, the conditioner is very economical and gives the hair combability, suppleness and shine.

Comb and untangle the hair perfectly with the ikoo brush. The focus here is on the stimulation of energy meridians, concurrent massage of the scalp through the concave shape and the painless hair removal. By daily self-application with the ikoo brush relaxation and well-being are increased and can lead to the improvement of the state of health: stress, stress and malaise are reduced and treated. She lies well and light in the hand and slides gently through her hair.

You can then blow dry your hair with the paddle brush. The paddle X is your new hair & styling brush with the characteristic X-shaped ventilation slots, which prevent a heat load during blow-drying. Your hair is not only styled perfectly, but also cared for; Split ends are prevented and your haircortex is spared.

The Leave-in Duo Treatment Spray always consists of a combination of two carefully selected oils and extracts, which together create a perfect mix and put an end to your hair-nightmares. Quinoa protein donates a natural UV filter and prevents fading of your freshly dyed hair, while sunflower oil nourishes and repairs your hair. Without silicones – Without parabens – Without sulfates – Vegan – Without animal testing

To refresh for in between:

The innovative dry shampoo foam removes water from dirt and sebum without any powdery residues. In addition, the foam gives a brilliant shine and has a pleasant scent of lavender and bergamot. The result is protected and regenerated hair. Without silicones – Without parabens – Without sulfates – Vegan – Without animal testing – Without gluten – Tested by dermatologists – Without paraffin – Without mineral oils – No artificial colors

The Hair Fresh-Ups remove unwanted flavors that get stuck in your hair from your daily routine and replace it with a pleasant, refreshing fragrance. Each cloth is individually packaged to keep formulas fresh for maximum performance. They fit perfectly in your pocket, whether you are between meetings, on a flight or too late for a date, they are your quick fix to keep your hair fresh and shiny day to night!

I show you now in 6 steps the perfect care routine for your hair:

Step 1: Shampoo | gently rub in no frizz no drama and rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 2: Conditioner | no frizz no drama, massage immediately after shampooing into the tips and rinse with water.

Step 3: Color Protect and Repair Thermal Wraps, for buttery and well-groomed hair (to be applied as a mask) – leave to soak for 15-20 minutes and then massage in occasionally, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 4: Duo Treatment Spray, spray into damp hair and style / blow dry as usual.

To refresh for in between:

Step 5: Hair Fresh-Ups, with the perfume wipe the cloth from the hairline to the tips – fresh hair without washing.

Step 6: Dry Shampoo Foam, give a walnut-sized amount in the palms, from the beginning to the lengths and about 60 sec. Let dry. Then gently brush the hair with a brush. Refreshes that hair without water, strengthens the volume.

Hair care is the passion of ikoo and you notice it immediately, because the company pays special attention to the ingredients and attach great importance to the fact that the components harm neither animal nor human. This is their so-called Freelosophy. So they have only silicone-free shampoos and conditioners in the range.

Every hair is different, but all have one hair in common: They need high-quality care, such as a hair mask, to avoid dull or dull hair and to create the ideal and healthy base of hair from the hair root.

ikoo stands for quality in the field of hair care and I can only confirm. I have tested the products for several weeks and can not imagine my hair care without ikoo. Try it yourself and order the hair care products from ikoo. Currently there is also a great and reduced package offer: The Made with Love Edition includes the Paddel X Pops “Let’s Tango” and the blow styling brush for unwinding and blow-drying. Also included is a pack of 5 of my beloved Thermal Treatment wraps ‘Color Protect & Repair’, the thermo-effect hair mask that repairs hair damage, softens hair and gives it a magical glow. The perfect package to try the products for yourself.

I would appreciate your experience with ikoo products. Leave me a comment under this post!


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