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The Boutique Hotel Obermühle at Germany‘s highest peak

This weekend I went on another journey. As you know I love to travel and I try to spend every free time I have on the road looking at new countries and cities. This time a very special weekend was planned, a mother-daughter recreation weekend in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. While searching for a suitable accommodation, the 4* Boutique Hotel Obermühle immediately caught my eye.

Day 1

The 4*S Boutique Hotel Obermühle

It is located directly on the Zugspitze, surrounded by mountains with its own wellness area and within walking distance of the railway station, which seemed perfect. The hotel is a family business with over 400 years of history. Find out more about the hotel and its long traditions here.

So I booked for 2 nights including two train tickets (Berlin – Munich – Garmisch Partenkirchen). The trip with the German train was very pleasant and we were already there in a total of 6 hours. We were totally amazed by the beautiful nature, the endlessly big mountains of this peace and idyll 😉

The Zugspitze

At the train station a shuttle of the hotel picked us up free of charge. The driver was super nice. Since we heard according to the weather report that today should be the only last beautiful sunny day, the driver recommended us immediately to go to the Zugspitze and take advantage of the weather. He called from the car directly at the reception to have two tickets issued up to the Zugspitze.

So we just handed in our suitcases without going to the room and drove directly with the shuttle to Zugspitze. There are several ways to get to the top. Either with the rack railway and then further with the glacier railway or with the rack railway and then with the cable railway to the top. We have decided for the railway variant. It takes a while until you actually reach the top, but the ride is very pleasant and you can enjoy the beautiful view in peace.

At the top we were surprised by a white winter landscape. There was still 3m high snow. I have never seen so much snow and felt like a child in a sandbox again. It was just breathtaking. The view, the lots of snow, the great weather and the many skiers and snowboarders, simply a dream.

In the restaurant we had a fresh pretzel and a drink for the first time. The pretzel was mega fresh and delicious. In the restaurant there were traditional dishes both warm and cold. We sat down at a table with a tiled wall and were totally surprised when we noticed that this wall was heated. So we leaned on and enjoyed the warmth and the beautiful view. Souvenirs were of course not missing 🙂

Afterwards we went further up to the world-famous Zugspitze. I will probably never forget this view again. The wide mountains, the fresh air, everything was breathtakingly beautiful. Fortunately it cleared up again and again although it didn’t look like that at first, but every now and then we had an almost clear view for a few minutes.

Up there you also have the possibility to take a photo which you can download for free from the Zugspitze website. The photo point is visibly marked. You stand up, press a button, then a signal sounds and the picture is in the box 😉

As it got more and more tight we drove down again, but this time with the cable railway. To be honest, I have great respect for it and always feel a little uncomfortable in cable cars, but it really went down a lot faster. Never before I stood in such a big cable railway cabin. There were about 50 people in one cabin, madness what the construction has to endure and carry. But we arrived safely at the bottom.

Restaurant Reisers

In the evening we went to the restaurant Reisers in our hotel. I had already booked two reservations for dinner before my arrival. The restaurant was well frequented, the service very nice and the menu clear. There were some starters, some main courses and deserts. From fish to meat everything was there. And we even got a greeting from the kitchen, a so-called amuse-gueule, which I found very nice from the chef.

I’ve ordered LOUP DE MER ALL WITH spinach, castle potatoes and Mediterranean saffron vegetables. My mum ordered ZÜRCHER KALBSRAHMGESCHNETZELTES with potato rösti and glazed winter vegetables. The food was freshly prepared and very tasty. For dessert we had warm chocolate cake  🙂 You can find the whole menu of the Reisers here.

Day 2

Old town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The next morning we decided to visit the old town. We used the map to plan our trip and the route to the old town. Within walking distance and only 10 minutes away we were surrounded by cute little boutiques, many cosy restaurants and of course the beautiful mountains.

First we went to the Froschkönig gift article and souvenir shop. A lovingly furnished shop where you can find everything your heart desires. Then we went from shop to shop. There is a good offer in the old town from Esprit to H&M and Swarovski and you can find everything you need. The people are all so friendly and attentive in Garmisch and the customer service was top everywhere.

In between a few facts about Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a German ski resort in Bavaria. The city consists of two places, which were united in 1935. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a well-known destination for skiers, ice-skaters and hikers. The city lies near the Zugspitze, with 2,962 m the highest mountain in Germany. The summit can be reached with the Zugspitze cable car and a cable car. Garmisch is considered a more elegant district, Partenkirchen with its cobblestone streets exudes a traditional Bavarian ambience.

While strolling around we noticed one shop in particular, the shop KULT. Here you can find trendy and stylish clothes, shoes and accessories of many brands. The shop is decorated with a lot of love and even has its own bar.

And yes, the drinks are free! No matter if coffee or cola, just sit down and relax. Of course I also had to take a picture of the stylish bar, but see for yourself 😉

Coffeehouse Krönner

After our little shopping trip we went to the coffee house Krönner. We had a Latte Macchiato and a glass of Prosecco with fresh raspberries. The view from the terrace on the 1st floor was just great. The weather played along and the sun even came out.

The coffee house Krönner also has its own confectionery and chocolate shop with its own shop where you can buy chocolate and fresh cakes. Highly recommended to simply relax and enjoy the view.

After a nice excursion through the city we went back to the Hotel Obermühle.
I had a little surprise for my mum, she should get for the first time a facial treatment in the in-house Spa. But for the first we went back to the beautiful restaurant Reisers for dinner.

This time I’ve ordered forest mushroom Ravioli with marinated yellow beetroot, herbseitlinge and Parmensansud. And of course there was again a little greeting from the kitchen 😉 The service was perfect again this evening. We were completely satisfied.

So my mum got a facial treatment and I went to the sauna. The wellness area includes a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, an infrared cabin and a steam bath. There is also a small outdoor area with loungers to relax. A fitness area and a swimming pool are also available.

Day 3

On Sunday we had to leave. Actually we wanted to visit the Eibsee and the Partnachklamm. Unfortunately Partnachklamm was closed due to ice break and the Eibsee was a bit too far away and we didn’t had enough time. So our breakfast was a bit longer and we took enough time to taste everything and to fill our stomachs 🙂 There was freshly squeezed orange juice, a funny butter machine pressing small round butter coins, eggs of all kinds as well as fresh bread and fresh cinnamon snails.

All in all we liked the Hotel Obermühle very much and we plan to come back in any case. We learned on the spot that the hotel will be rebuilt in March, shortly after our departure. 48 new rooms will be created, an exclusive wellness area with infinity pool, conference and seminar facilities and an extension of all public areas. The Obermühle will be closed for approx. 4 months from April onwards in order to be able to carry out this conversion work in a timely manner. More information can be found here.

Here are some small impressions of the hotel and the loving furnishings as well as the breathtaking view to the mountains that one has from every corner of the hotel.

It was a beautiful mother-daughter weekend through and through. We could relax very well and enjoy our time together. The 4* Boutique Hotel Obermühle is a wonderful place to relax and recharge your batteries. Enthusiastic skiers will also get their money’s worth because everything is taken care of in the hotel. In spring, hikes are offered or e-bikes can be rented. I can only recommend a visit to you. I will probably come again after the construction has been done and am already completely curious in which new gloss the hotel Obermühle will shine.


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