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SAN FRANCISCO TRAVEL TIPS – must things to see!

If you’ve already read my road trip blog about my trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you’re certainly looking forward to more tips and highlights from the northern California city. Some of them are so unique that you won’t find them in any other city.

So here are my San Francisco tips for an unforgettable trip:

1. Drive the cable car

San Francisco’s cable cars are unique. They are mainly used by tourists-simply because of the price. Originally there were 23 lines, of which only three remain today. The most beautiful and popular route is that of Fisherman’s Wharf over Russian Hill Park on Lombard Street. You should not miss the “Ceremony ” at the end of the route if the car is manually rotated by the Cable Car driver on a platform.

2-Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge is a special feeling. We passed more than 30 Bridges on our road trip but that was clearly my highlight. You can go over the Golden Gate Bridge by car (Costs 8USD), on foot or by bike e.g. e-bike. Actually we wanted to ride the e-bike, but the weather unfortunately did not play along. There are various viewpoints from which you get a very special view of the bridge. My Favourit, however, is the “Battery Spencer ” with the most beautiful view. Here are all the other Vista Points:
Chrissy Field
Fort Point
Hawk Hill
Baker Beach
Lands End
Marshall Beach
Harbor Cruise
Fort Baker
Kirby Cove

3-Discover Fisherman’s Wharf

In the northern part of the waterfront you can discover one of the most visited sights, Fisherman’s Wharf. At every turn you can find souvenir shops and street stalls serving crab soup with mussels in a sourdough bowl. From everywhere, picturesque views of the bay, the Golden Gate and Alcatraz open up. In addition, sea lions can be observed here. A tour on historic ships is also possible. The former chocolate factory in Ghirardelli Square offers boutiques and restaurants. You can even experience a 7D roller coaster, visit the aquarium with over 20,000 creatures or stroll through one of the ships from World War II.

4-Lombard Street-the world’s most winding street known

Lombard Street is the world’s most winding street. The winding part of the road is on Russian Hill and stretches for just one block between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street. At this point, it was one of the city’s steepest streets with a 27 percent gradient, which has been problematic for many cars and pedestrians as well. Therefore, it was converted in 1922 in serpentine form with 8 curves as a one-way street (surrendering) in order to reduce the strong incline from 27 ° to about 15 °. The local residents were happy again 🙂

5-The fortune cookery in Chinatown

Just a 5-minute walk from Portsmouths Square, you’ll find another landmark of the city. Who wants to take a look at the little fortune cookies you can find in most Chinese restaurants after eating will be made, I recommend a visit to the “Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company .”

Here in this small fortune biscuits factory, thousands of Chinese fortune cookies are produced every day, since 1962. In production you can watch and even create a fortune biscuit yourself with life authority and do in a box to give away and that for only 1 USD. Ever seen a Giant Fortune cookie? Then lets go.

6-Visiting Stanford University

One of the most prestigious and richest universities in the world with an endowment of about $18 billion, also known as the farm, has so far produced 29 Nobel Prizes and has its own football stadium and the World’s third largest Rodin collection at the remarkable Cantor Arts Center. The terrain is so huge that it’s easy to get around. But you can also take part in a tour. On 7 days 2x daily (11:30 a.m. & 3:30 p.m) you can take part in the tours and get a great overview of the campus. With an uncomplicated registration you can even visit the libraries. In one of the libraries there was a department with magazines from all over the world to admire in all imaginable languages. The canteen was also allowed to be used afterwards. From Panda Express via Subway to your own burger and ice cream stand, no wishes remained open.

“SHOPPING TIPP: Don’t miss shopping in the huge Standford Bookstore (almost gently department store), uni T-shirts and sportswear, books.

7-I got baked in San Francisco

If you are into sweets like me, then you absolutely have to stop by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. A secret tip with the tastiest, most soullers baked goods in Heaven. The croissants are the absolute hit and also the other baked goods are super delicious, the shop small but fine, clean and the staff is friendly. If the prices were slightly lower there would be 5 stars but hey, don’t be put off by it. You are on holiday and it would be a real shame if you let go of Holmes delicacies.

8-A visit to Apple & Co. in Silicon Valley

If you’re a fan of tech gimmicks, smartphones, computers and software, you’ll enjoy a visit from some of the world’s best-known Silicon Valley companies. In addition to these high-tech companies, Silicon Valley is also very scenic and offers some attractions. With the Companystore, Apple offers visitors to the Apple HQ on 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino is a way to purchase loads of fan items. This Apple Store is unique in the world because there is no Apple merchandising item to purchase anywhere else. You don’t get computers in this store for that and you can’t find a tour of the company premises at Apple.

Unfortunately, if you’re not an employee of Google or you know someone on Google, there’s no chance of getting a gate through the great offices. However, the campus is very open and it was simply possible to cruise through the campus with the rental car and get an impression of the great working environment.
We could even do a little lap with one of the famous G bikes. These are bikes in the Google colours that any employee can use to get from A to B faster. In a campus of this size, it makes perfect sense 🙂


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