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BIODERMA SENSIBIO – The perfect care for sensitive skin

Since I came back from the USA my skin is totally out of balance. The change in weather and climate, the changing rhythm of the day, different food and environmental influences…all that hasn’t done my skin any good. Because of all these circumstances, my skin seems to be quite confused and fluctuates between dry, oily and reddened. As a resourceful reader of various Beauty Blogposts, I have of course read and heard a lot about Bioderma’s Sensibio series.

Also that they have special care line for sensitive skin. I had been interested in these products for a long time and now it was time for me to finally test them. The lovely Anja from Bioderma sent me a package with three products from the Sensibio series for sensitive skin and I could hardly wait to finally use them. Below you can see what I have decided for, what the products can do and how to use them correctly.

Sensitive H2O

Mild cleaning solution. Cooling and decongestant.

Mild 4-in-1 cleansing solution (cleansing + make-up + eye make-up remover + toner) soothes (over)sensitive and allergic skin. No rinsing necessary. Alcohol-free, silicone-free, parabene-free and fragrance-free.

It has become THE cult product among beauty lovers. The H2O AR micelle water from Bioderma is super gentle, mild and completely removes all types of make-up and eye make-up by itself. It also cleanses and cares at the same time. The perfect all-rounder when it has to go fast and for people like me who don’t have so much time in the evening. Love it and can’t imagine a cleansing without it 🙂

Application: Mild 4-in-1 cleansing solution for (over-)sensitive and allergic skin conditions. Also for irritated, irritated skin areas. Apply and clean morning and evening on a cotton pad.

Daily Care
Sensibio LIGHT

Cream for sensitive, normal/combination skin. Moisturizing.

As a moisturizing day care for sensitive skin, I recommend Sensibio Light Creme as a supplement to cleansing with Sensibio H2O. This cream is particularly suitable for irritations and skin inflammations. The product is super pleasant on the skin, absorbs well and is rich. I use it in the morning and evening and am very satisfied.

Application: Apply 2 times a day after cleansing.

Intensive care/ special care
Sensitive MASK

Intensively soothing mask. Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

For all skin types. Preferred for soothing sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

Once a week I treat my skin to a little wellness. For this I prefer to use face masks, because they are very rich and give the skin an additional care boost! The Sensibio Mask has the consistency of a light cream and is easy to apply. It relaxes the skin and has a cooling effect at the same time. Another plus point: Applied to a moisturized cotton pad, the face mask can also be used as a nourishing compress for the eyes. It can also be used for heat accumulation, couperose, sunburn and shaving burns and as well as a SOS care for acute eye eczema.

Application: Apply as needed. Do not wash off.
Eye compresses against eye eczema: Apply mask to a moistened cotton pad and leave on for 10 minutes.

I’ve been using the Sensibio series for a few weeks now and am super happy with it. My skin is back in balance and feels pleasantly cared for and soft to the touch. I am happy to have finally found a suitable series for my skin needs and will continue to integrate Bioderma products into my daily skin care.

You can find the products in all pharmacies online as well as at Douglas.

Please have a look at Bioderma and try the products yourself. Of course I would be very happy about your feedback. Leave me a comment 😉


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