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Jungle adventures with the new La Tétragone by “CLUSE

Show off your wild side and experience jungle adventures with CLUSE’s new spring/summer collection. In line with the current #EmbraceYourForce campaign, CLUSE asked me how I could strengthen my self-confidence. My best tip:

Style up! Fashion has accompanied me my whole life and is a part of me. I love to dress and discover myself every day. Clothes and accessories are not a matter of course for me and nothing you can put on quickly. Clothes are so much more, clothes show who you really are, what you like, how you give yourself.

I have already started to style my Barbies in children’s shoes, to dye their hair to match the outfits or to paint the shoes so that it results in a beautiful overall picture. When I was in puberty, I was more and more interested in fashion and I’ve tried a lot of things. I really wanted to have each and every style, everything that was IN and stylish. It took a while until I had actually found my own style for myself and could show my innermost feelings about fashion. I quickly realized that it’s not just about imitating someone or adapting to any style, it’s important that you get to know yourself and see for yourself what really suits you and what you see and feel good about.

Because fashion should also be fun, fashion should give you self-confidence, positivity also communicate to your counterpart. Colours, especially cheerful colours, colourful blends, different shapes and fabrics have always fascinated me and it has to be cosy and “casual”. I don’t need high heels to make me bigger or to feel more self-confident, moreover I am already 1.82 cm ;), sporty-chic, I like that and I feel comfortable in it.

Of course the matching accessories play a big role and I must honestly say that the new designs of CLUSE immediately knocked me over. Anyone can do round! The new trend is angular and I love it. Square housing. Rounded corners. The La Tétragone collection plays with lines and form. The new watch strap in green crocodile look, which perfectly matches the white-gold dial, is simply the must-have this spring/summer.

And pay attention: As with all watches in the La Tétragone collection, the bracelet can be replaced by another 16mm wide CLUSE bracelet! Embark on exciting jungle adventures and discover the new watches and bracelets in python or crocodile look and animal pendants. Just to fall in love with!

What do you think of the new La Tétragone?

Let me know and leave me a comment 🙂



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